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Partner ACS Release 8 Feature Code List

System Date #103 sets the date on the the system.

System Time #103 changes the time on the the system.

Number of Lines #104 determines the number of outside lines assigned to all system extensions

Transfer return Rings #105 programs the number of times a transferred call rings before it returns to an extension

Recall Time Duration #107 changes the length of the timed signal, or switchhook flash

Rotary Dialing Timeout #108 changes the length of the Rotary Dialing Timeout

Outside Conference Denial #109 determines if users can include more than one outside party in a conference call

Automatic System Answer Delay #110 specifies the number of times an incoming call should ring before it is answered

Automatic System Answer Button #111 helps the operator answer calls during busy periods

Direct Extension Dial Delay #112 specifies the number of times an incoming call should ring before it is answered

Direct Extension Dial Button #113 permits an outside caller to dial an extension or Hunt Group directly

Outgoing Call Restriction Button #114) changes the current Outgoing Call Restriction setting for an extension

Wake Up Service Button #115 makes an intercom call to the target extension at the scheduled time

Ring on Transfer #119 specifies what callers hear while they are being transferred, music on hold or ringing

Automatic System Answer Mode #121 determines how the system handles ASA calls after the greeting plays

Caller ID Type #122 Set this feature for Singapore or USA operation

Backup Programming Automatic #123 Backup Manual #124 when active, the system backs up at 02:00 on the first of the month

Restore Programming #125 reinstate system and telephone programming to the settings saved at the last system backup

Automatic Daylight/Standard Times #126 automatically updates the system clock for annual Daylight Savings Time

Hold Reminder Tone #127 sets the time interval at which the system will provide a reminder tone for a call on hold

Dial Mode #201 identifies individual phone lines as touch-tone or rotary

Hold Disconnect Time #203 changes the hold disconnect time for an outside line

Automatic System Answer Lines #204 identifies the lines on which should be answered by Automatic System Answer

Direct Extension Dial Lines #205 identifies the lines on which incoming calls are to be answered for direct extension dial

Group Call Distribution #206 allows calls to ring directly into a Hunt Group instead of being answered by the receptionist

Pool Line Assignment #207 assigns or removes lines from the main and auxiliary pools supported for Hybrid mode

Line Coverage Extension #208 identifies an extension with a specific line, enabling Call Coverage or VMS Cover

Unique Line Ringing #209 assigns a ringing pattern to differentiate, by sound, which line is ringing

Line Assignment #301 assigns the outside lines that are available at an extension

Line Access Restriction #302 blocks an extension from receiving and/or making outside calls on a specific line

Display Language English/Spanish/French #303 changes the language in which display messages appear

Automatic Extension Privacy #304 prevents a user from joining an active call at an extension

Abbreviated Ringing #305 prevents incoming calls from distracting you when you are busy on another call

Transfer Return Extension #306 identifies a different return extension for an unanswered call

Forced Account Code Entry #307 identifies extensions where users must enter an account code before making outside calls

Distinctive Ring #308 determines whether calls should ring at a phone using a distinctive ringing pattern

Intercom Dial Tone #309  determines the type of dial tone that the system provides at an extension

Automatic VMS Cover- direct to voice mail #310 automatically routes an extension’s calls to the Call Answer Service

External Hotline #311 When the handset of an external hotline is lifted, a predetermined outside number is dialed

Voice Interrupt On Busy #312 identifies extensions that can receive Voice Interrupt On Busy calls

Line Access Mode #313 designates extensions for key mode even though the system is configured for Hybrid mode

Pool Extension Assignment #314 identifies the pools that are assigned to buttons at a pooled extension

Pool Access Restriction #315 restricts a pooled extension from all lines belonging to a specific pool

Call Waiting #316 is distinct from the local telephone company’s call waiting feature.

Caller ID Log Answered Calls #317 helps to track callers’ telephone numbers

Caller ID Call Log Line Association #318 associates lines with extensions for logging unanswered Caller ID calls

Caller ID Log All Calls #319 programs one extension to log all calls received at any extension on specific lines

Call Coverage Rings #116 or #32o) defines the number of times call ring before they are sent to the covering extension

VMS Cover Rings #321 defines the number of times a call rings before it is sent to a user’s voice mailbox

Remote Call Forwarding #322 allows all calls to be forwarded from your extension to an outside number

Copy Settings #399

Outgoing Call Restriction #401 specifies the types of outgoing calls that can be made on all lines at an extension

Toll Call Prefix #402 indicates whether users must dial a 0 or 1 before the area code to make a long distance call

System Password #403 defines a four-digit password to override dialing restrictions

Disallowed Phone Number Lists #404 specify telephone numbers that users cannot dial

Disallowed List Assignments #405 assigns up to eight disallowed phone number lists to specific extensions

Emergency Phone Number List #406 up to 10 telephone numbers that all users can dial regardless of dialing restrictions

Allowed Phone Number Lists #407 numbers that users can dial regardless of other dialing restrictions

Allowed List Assignments #408 assign up to eight Allowed Phone Number Lists to a specific extension

Forced Account Code List #409 ensures that only authorized users with valid account codes can make outside calls

Star Code Dial Delay #410 forces a delay in Auto Dialed calls so that the system waits until the second dial tone begins

Pickup Group Extensions #501 assign extensions to a pickup group which can answer ringing calls by dialing the group code

Calling Group Extensions #502 place extensions in a group that can be called at the same time

Night Service Button #503 programs Night Service Group user phones to ring immediately

Night Service Group Extensions #504 assigns extensions to the Night Service Group

Hunt Group Extensions #505 assign extensions to a Hunt Group where incoming calls search for the first available extension

Fax CNG Detection #505, Group 8 allows voice calls and fax calls to be received on the same line

VMS Hunt Delay #506 determines when outside calls should be answered by the Automated Attendant

VMS Hunt Schedule #507 determines whether outside lines hunt all the time, during day operation or only at night

Fax Machine Extensions #601 identifies the extensions to which fax machines are connected

Music-On-Hold #602) activates or deactivates the Music-On-Hold jack on the processor module

Hotline #603 when a user lifts the handset of the hotline telephone, the alert extension rings

Doorphone Extension #604 & #605 identifies an extension to which a doorphone is connected

Doorphone Alert Extensions #606 identifies extensions that are signaled when a doorphone button is pressed

Automated Attendant Extensions #607 identifies extensions where auto attendants are connected

SMDR Record Type #608 specifies whether all calls or outgoing calls only are to be included on call reports

SMDR Top of Page #609 notifies the system that the printer has been aligned to the top of a new page

SMDR Output Format #610 specifies whether 15 or 24 digits is printed in the Number field on the call report

SMDR Talk Time #611 indicates whether or not you want to include a Talk field on call reports

Contact Closure Group #612 specifies which extensions can activate each contact closure/ door buzzer

Contact Closure Operation Type #613 specifies how long the contact closures remain open when they are activated

Music-On-Hold Volume #614 select one of seven volume settings for the external music source

Loudspeaker Paging Line #617 specifies the line jack to which you connected the loudspeaker paging system

System Reset–Programming Saved #728 resets the system while retaining the currently programmed settings

Remote Administration Password #730 creates a password for remote or local PC administration of the system

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